About Dr. Frederick J. Schaefer:
Frederick J. Schaefer earned his B.S. from the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO; M.Div. and Ph.D. study at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D. study at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX, and Denver University; N.D. at Clayton College of Natural Healing, Birmingham, AL; J.D. at the University of Denver College of Law, Denver, CO. A Colorado native, the author has won numerous academic, civic, and business awards. He is adjunct professor of philosophy at the Metropolitan State College of Denver, where he teaches Ethics, Business Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy, Logic, and Persuasion. He has extensively translated much of Heidegger’s works, including Being and Time, and Aristotle’s writings such as The Rhetoric and The Nicomachean Ethics. His previous books are: The Human Journey: A Multicultural Introduction to Philosophy; Business Ethics: An Introduction, 2003; An Ethical Sojourn, 2002, and Aristotle in the Courtroom: The Art and Science of The Rhetoric in Trial Practice, 2001.
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